Here's a selection of original stories I have in development:

WILDBIRD  (feature film – thriller/drama)  - an expansion of my short film.
is a Hitchcockian psychodrama about an obsessive young woman who is on the verge of a breakdown when she comes up with a desperate plan to take back control of her life. 

WILDEBEEST  (feature film – drama/thriller)
In segregated 1970s South Africa, a powerful policeman has a dangerous secret that threatens the women & children he loves. When his own recklessness catches up with him, he faces a desperate struggle to survive in an unstable & unforgiving land.

ACROSS  (drama/thriller series. 60-minute episodes)
A dark mystery-thriller series set on a small island in the Irish Sea during the dayglo early '90s. A young woman returns after years away to search for her missing brother. As she confronts demons from her own past, she's forced to expose the secrets & lies that shroud the superstitious community in mystery.

ARTIFICIAL COLOURS  (comedy/drama series. 30-minute episodes)
An angry young woman meets a disgruntled middle-aged man who's estranged from his daughter. They soon realise they can exploit each other to get what they need. An unlikely partnership develops. Calamity ensues.

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